Up(st)Art - Mid City / Cloverdale

We are looking for fun, clean, and ambitious creatives to move into our shared creative house in Mid-City. It’s month-to-month, so you can stay a month, or a year, depending on what you need!

We are all pursuing creative careers in Los Angeles: dance, acting, music, film, animation, photography, and more. Collaborate on projects together with other inspiring creatives while also saving money on rent!
Cost: $750 per month for a bunk bed or $775 per month for a pod bed. $390 due upfront one time for deposit/bedding expenses.

Rent covers one sleeping pod or bunk in a shared room room, a similar layout to a Japanese sleeping pod hotel) in the newly renovated space with all utilities included. The pod has a clothes rail for your hanging clothes, there is storage under the bed for folded clothes and other small items, you have a locker for valuables, shelves in the kitchen and fridge for food, and you have a 3’ by 2’ by 1.5’ shelf in our storage for luggage.

Living here includes access to:
- Photo studio & self-tape equipment
- A projector movie room with Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, HBO, etc.
- A small sound recording booth with audio software
- Guy’s rooms, girls rooms, and gender-neutral rooms, all 4-10 people each
- Gender-neutral bedrooms include pods instead of bunks to make the room more private, all common areas are shared.
- Access to amazing events, including acting classes, vocal classes, dance classes, and more!
- A built-in network of other fun, creative talented people!

Cameras are in common areas, only used for security. The cameras microchip to record audio has been removed. We have house managers on-site to help you with anything you need! Rooms are separated by gender, and we have key codes on each individual bedroom door for added security.

Neighborhood: Mid City
Room Type:
Private Room
Shared Room
Utilities Included
High Speed Wifi
Weekly Cleaning
Bathroom Essentials
Washer / Dryer
Fully Furnished
Minimum Lease Length:
1 Day
1 Week
1 Month
3 Months
4 Months
6 Months
9 Months
12 Months
Security Deposit: $200 deposit, $95 bedding fee, $95 move in fee

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