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The Circle. 

The circle is a shape that comes with many associations that inspired the name of our brand. 

Many of us think of marriage when we consider the symbolism behind a circle. It signifies wholeness and unity - no beginning, and no end. 

Phil Jackson describes the history of the circle as it relates to Native American culture in his book, Eleven Rings. 

"On a psychological level, the ring symbolizes something profound: the quest of the self to find harmony, connection, and wholeness. In Native American culture, for instance, the unifying power of the circle was so meaningful that whole nations were conceived as a series of interconnected rings (or hoops). The teepee was a ring, as were the campfire, the village, and the layout of the nation itself--circles within circles, having no beginning or end."

The north star of coliving is togetherness and wholeness, each member participating and contributing to the community as a whole. 

Coliving is the antithesis to our modern world which is increasingly lonely, isolated and dependent on technology to provide the validation we once received from experiencing community.

Coliving has been on my radar for awhile.

I discovered it while working on another platform I started, an app for finding roommates. Because of my immersion into the rental industry, I began to see the rise of 'Coliving' a couple years back.

As we continued building the roommate-finding app, coliving was becoming more prominent.

I finally got the opportunity to interact with coliving when my girlfriend, a travel nurse, got assigned to a 3-month contract with a hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Faced with the need to find short-term housing, we begun scrounging the interwebs on sites like Facebook Marketplace, AirBnb, Craigslist and Furnished Finder to find an accommodation.

Her requirements for a rental were unique.

She needed...

  • Fully-furnished apartment (didn't want to spend money on furniture she'd be getting rid of in a couple of months).
  • Month to month or short-term lease.
  • Space is vacant days within her contract starting and ending no more than a couple days after.
  • Affordable.
  • Within a few miles from work.
  • A private room.
  • No roommates (this was a want more than a need).

As we endlessly searched the internet for housing that fit her needs it occurred to me that we were sleeping on this new thing called coliving.

I doubted there was any coliving in Pittsburgh. It's still a new concept and more common in large cities like Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco.

With one Google search I came across a coliving space called Ollie. We did some research and it checked every box with the exception of no roommates. At the time she signed her lease the two other bedrooms were vacant so she'd have the entire apartment to herself until they filled those beds.

Having heard so many horror stories of navigating the rental process over the last few years, we were incredibly surprised by the convenience and quality of coliving.

From that moment I've been fascinated at the model and realized how many cities and properties were popping up.

Lightbulb moment! 

Help people find the best coliving spaces. Be the best coliving finder in the world. It's 2020 and people are ready for an inclusive and convenient rental experience. 

We hope you find the perfect coliving space and community that suits you.


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